Risk Groups

There are potential clients, who belong to the risk groups, and a counselor may chose not to work online, because face-to-face sessions may be a more suitable option in such cases.
  1. People with suicidal ideation and suicidal plans
  2. Moderate and severe depression
  3. Psychotic patients, who need psychiatric treatment
  4. Alcohol and drug abusers/addicts
  5. People who undergo medical treatments and require close monitoring
  6. Persons with very poor communication skill and texting skills.  In such a case online Skype conversation is more preferable option.
  7. Minors.  In such a case the therapist will require the signed consent from a parent/legal guardian.
  8. People who need deeper forms of therapeutic interventions.
If a client belongs to one of above categories, it does not mean that he/she will be referred to face-to-face session automatically; however, one may expect that a therapist will spend more time on the assessment stage and evaluation process of pros and cons of online counseling. In such cases, the final decision will depend on the chief complaint, presented problem and psychological resources of the client.